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Transportation Needs Assessment

The LEAP Institute is conducting a Transportation Needs Assessment (TNA) for various communities, cities and counties through out the state of California.  Contact us for assistance.  Thus far we have completed TNA’s in the census designated population of Kettleman City in Kings County, Mecca in Riverside County, Pajaro in Monterey County and currently working with the City of Coachella (click here if you are a resident of the City of Coachella!). The Goal is to assess the transportation needs for low-income and other community members who do not have access to a personal mode of transportation.

Green Raiteros: Electric Vehicle, Rural, Ride-Share Program

The LEAP Institute supports Green Raiteros, a ride-share resource for farmworkers and low-income families to safely access important destinations, such as doctor visits or social service appointments. This is a preferred alternative to public transportation as passengers arrive to their destination comfortably, safely and on-time. The Green Raiteros program consists of a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs), EV infrastructure at the Romualdo M. and Imelda C. Leon Community and Mobility Center in Huron, CA including a pair of DC fast chargers on Fresno’s west side located at the Food Maxx parking lot, as well as a dispatcher and coordinator that keep operations running smoothly.

Huron X Nature Conservancy (HxNC)

The LEAP Institute is working with the National Park Services, West Hills Community College District and the Fresno County Council of Governments to assess the feasibility of creation of a nature conservancy on 3,000 acres of land just north of the city of Huron, California. This region is one of the poorest areas in the state. The census tract is more than 51% ‘park deficient’. HxNC can be a solution for many elements of the area’s needs including: underground aquifer recharge, carbon sequestration, employment, youth science education, health promoting activities, as well as becoming an economic benefit to the local economies.

Healthy Kings County Initiative (aka, Kings IVAN)

IVAN (Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods) is an environmental monitoring system that connects the community with real people that can help solve local environmental problems. Kings IVAN is a part of the Healthy Kings County Campaign and is managed and supported by The LEAP Institute. Go to to report environmental violations in Kings County or call (559) 851-5327!.  Click on graphic to the left to submit a report or HERE!

AB 617: Community Air Protection Program

California AB 617 Community Air Grants program provides support for community-based organizations to become active partners with state agencies to identify, evaluate, and ultimately work towards eliminating air pollution in disproportionately impacted communities. LEAP’s Community Air Protection Program consists of 33 air quality monitors located throughout Fresno and Kings counties. The project includes the engagement and recruitment of community residents, leaders, CBO’s, school districts and local elected officials which form the Community Steering Committee that serves to provide on-the-ground expertise to improve the air quality of the region.

Clean Air Warriors Leadership Project / Guerreros por un Aire Limpio

CSC participants are also a part of the Clean Air Warriors Leadership cohort through which we provide environmental awareness, and understanding of the science and technology we use to build our air quality monitor units. Citizen science is also involved through the participants involvement in manufacturing and installing AQ monitors. The process of engaging the community in collecting local air quality data in communities is developing leadership and empowering civil society in the much-needed spaces that are farm working communities and have been overwhelmed with multiple sources of pollution.

Comité ALMA (Avance Latina por un Mejor Ambiente – Latino Advance for a Better Environment)

Comite ALMA’s are community action committees supported by The LEAP Institute. ALMA is an acronym for Latino advancement for a better environment or Avance Latino por un Mejor Ambiente (in Spanish). ALMA has been engaged mostly with infrastructure advancement and pollution mitigation efforts with quality of life improvements for the local community, as its greatest priority.  ALMA has been instrumental in community outreach efforts which assure high outcomes for LEAP forums, therefore creating greater community-awareness on environmental and climate justice issues.

Promotorxs VERDES

Promotorxs VERDES (Voice Education Responsibility Dignity Empowerment and Sustainability or ProV for short) are a handful of leaders in local communities that have taken the next step in their leadership responsibilities of climate improvement. In Kings County, LEAP engaged over eight ProV’s in the participatory action research program that resulted from the numerous complaints about the emission and odorous multi-regional landfill. LEAP also conducted trainings and provided a trip to the Center for Regional Change at UC Davis, then implemented a survey with a hundred households.


P’urhepecha Project

The P’urhepecha Project was started in 2009 by a group of volunteers who wanted to create awareness on indigenous people from the Michoacan area and to celebrate our culture, song, traditions, customs, gastronomy and language.  As a result, we initiated the Reencuentro P’urhepecha Celebration in 2014.

The Proyecto P’urhepecha has stepped back from the Reencuentro in 2022 and trusts that the international leadership council of respectable and capable P’urhepecha leaders to take the helm and have perhaps the most successful event yet!  This year, the 8th Annual Reencuentro P’urhepecha will be in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Go to to learn more or visit this project on Facebook and Twitter.


Heat Research Partnership Project

CLIMATE & Covid-19 Research Project: Participants UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, Arizona State and UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico). Research looks at the joint impact of climate change and Covid-19 on farm workers. LEAP’s PromotorXs VERDES underwent additional training to be effective, sensitive, efficient and safe in conducting 400 surveys with farmworkers on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley.  Next steps include data analysis and report.  Stay tuned!

Small Independent Business Alliance (SIBA)

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Community Learning Gardens

Community Learning Gardens (CLG) are community based efforts to empower communities with the ability to develop local micro-food-chains:

  1. Fortify self reliance & community resiliency
  2. Reintroduce sustainable living concepts and practices
  3. Reaffirm traditional gastronomic food storage, preparation & consumption
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Barrio Trees

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