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LEAP executive director, Rey Leon, is participating in the Electric For All campaign, powered by Veloz, a visionary nonprofit focused on accelerating the electric car movement through public awareness and education with an innovative, compelling public message – “Electric For All.”

Click here to read the press release featuring Rey and other local heros from across California.


Check out the FULL Electric for All video!  Go to for more information on this awesome campaign to clean the air and heal the planet!

The LEAP Institute is recognized for their leadership in advancing green mobility and championing California’s clean energy goals.  They strive for 100% clean energy by 2035!


Clean Energy Hall of Fame

Help Get Farmworkers and Seniors to Their Covid-19 Vaccines and Other Essential Services!


The rural ride-share and 100% electric vehicle program, GREEN RAITEROS, is preparing for the huge demand to get Valley residents, farmworkers and senior citizens to their essential services including covid-19 vaccinations, non-emergency medical, social services and mental health appointments as well as emergency food delivery during quarantine.  Let’s get the people to the needed places for public health!

If you prefer to mail check: The LEAP Institute, PO BOX 1497, HURON, CA 93234.  Thank you for your kindness & support!

On the right, WATCH “California farmworkers severely impacted by COVID-19 pandemic, study shows”

Drive Electric for People, Pocket & Planet

Executive director, Rey Leon, discusses how LEAP can help farmworker families acquire electric vehicles and expand EV charging infrastructure in the San Joaquin Valley.

For more information, call (559) 945-7433 or go to:

Championing California’s Clean Air Initiatives


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It’s amazing how people can get so excited about a rocket to the moon and not give a damn about smog, oil leaks, the devastation of the environment with pesticides, hunger, and disease.  When the poor share some of the power that the affluent now monopolize we will give a damn.

- Cesar E. Chavez

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